Safer Spaces Policy

We ask that our online and offline permie community consider the following guidelines before commenting on this site’s content.

– Please speak from your own lived experience and not from the experience or assumed experience of others

– Please acknowledge that power dynamics of race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability exist and are detrimental to the movement and the wider world in which we live. It does not take a spirit of malice to enact or embody them, in fact many kind people with good intentions reproduce and reaffirm systems of oppression daily.

– Please approach commenting on this site’s content from a place of curiosity and observation rather than judgement, anger, shame, or blame.

– Oppressive dynamics in comments will be pointed out and observed, and communicated to the commenter by a moderator. If this feedback is not taken and applied after two promptings, no future comments will be allowed from their account. Please take time to cool down and gain emotional distance before commenting on emotional content; allow yourself space to respond rather than react.




Please read our safer spaces policy before commenting

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